Salome was a Princess who lived in Biblical Times in Machaerus, a fort that overlooked the Dead Sea. She was surrounded by all the blessings of the Holy Land, the curative waters of Dead Sea, the therapeutic mud on its shores, the clean oxygen rich air and the anointing oils that were found in abundance.

Salome was not alone in appreciating the benefits of the Dead Sea. King Herod the Great visited the area often to help relieve his skin condition, and in fact built two homes in the vicinity of the Dead Sea. Queen Cleopatra of Egypt visited the King here and was amazed by what the Dead Sea had to offer. In fact, she then realised the great economic importance of the area around the Dead Sea and asked Mark Anthony to conquer it in her name. It is said that the Egyptian Queen had some factories built there for the manufacturing of cosmetics and pharmaceuticals.

Another famous visitor to the sea was the great Aristotle, who marvelled at its unusual characteristics and wrote about it in his famous works.

Throughout history, great men and women have visited the shores of this unique place and been amazed. They have come to be rewarded with great beauty and allure, as well as to cure themselves of various ailments. Now, the extraordinary qualities of the Dead Sea can be within reach of all who use our amazing range of products.